Just how dumb can people be?

scott miller macatawa at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 5 03:48:07 EST 2000

My buds in flight school gave me a lot of grief for calling them and wading 
out to get a ride, then I saw an identical eclipse GSX with it's engine 
strewn across a Mitsu dealers repair shop.  Seems the turbo draws from 
behind the bumper - very low.  I can see a Landcruiser in flood waters 
though, it's made for that abusive stuff.  Even the diffs have snorkel 
vents.  Kind of like me cruising down a closed highway in my quattro in a 
bad snowstorm.  I know my car and it's limits.

Scott Miller
'90 200tqw
Holland, MI
KC135 (just flew my last military flight)
Fokker 100
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