I have a problem with the front brakes on my 5ktq.

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Nov 5 10:33:59 EST 2000

Brake power assist is supplied by the booster assembly behind the master 
cylinder.  It's powered by the hydraulics system that also assists the 
steering.  Does disabling the ABS via the dashboard switch also eliminate 
the hanging up of the front wheel calipers?  I had a problem with rear 
wheel calipers hanging up and thought it was the parking brake system, but 
when I replaced the calipers and disassembled the old ones, I found the 
parking brake pieces packed in some sort of grease and fully able to 
function.  The hanging up was from small amounts of corrosion on the 
caliper piston and in the caliper cylinder, undoubtedly the result of 
infrequent brake fluid flushing.

At 12:51 PM 11/05/2000 +0100, Jörgen Karlsson wrote:

>When the engine compartment temperature is high the brakes will not releast
>properly, when this happens the brakes will of corse be very hot and the
>pads and discs expand even further. Yesterday I had to stumble in to a gas
>station at full throttle and full boost to keep the speed abouve 30! After
>letting the underhood temp cool down for half an hour the brakes worked as
>usuall. I have tried to leave the bonnet closed at these times, then it
>takes a very long time before the brakes work again, I guess that the ABS
>unit is causing the problems... Any other ideas?
>Since I have had to disable the ABS earlier because of its less then optimal
>performance on bumpy roads I can just as well do away with the entire ABS
>system. Has anyone done this while keeping the same master cylinder? Where
>is the brake assist connected?
>Thanks in advance,
>Jörgen Karlsson
>Gothenburg, Sweden

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