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Mon Nov 6 13:17:32 EST 2000

> <<
>  Yup.  Crack a cap and the head is scrap - it's line bored and caps are
>  not available separately.  There's also no exchange option for the AAN
>  head - you have to buy a complete new one.  GBP3700-odd.

>  Sometimes mechanics just aren't paid eneough.
>   >>

> WOW! Why not just have a machine shop machine a new cap? I feel a money maker
> in the wings.... Have caps made, then just have it lone bored on a per-head
> basis.... say $250 a cap?

If it ever actually came to it, you can be sure I'd investigate all the
alternatives.  But that's Audi's official position.  I think it's about
time the community started putting some pressure on Audi for exchange
prices on 20V components such as heads and turbos, just as we have them
for the 10Vs.

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