Audi vs. Subaru sales

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Mon Nov 6 08:15:08 EST 2000

Amen, brother. 

After test driving both mfr's products I can say the Outback can't compare
as a driving machine. But the glitches (big and small) make my Audi
incredibly !*$@~ frustrating the rest of the time.

'90 200 TQA

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> Hairy green toads from Mars made Joiner say:
>> This seems to have been an interesting thread and some may even argue, why
>> compare Subaru with Audi at all. Well, I have both cars and I will say a
>> couple of things. The 00' Outback Wagon that I have is well put together,
>> nary a thing wrong. Trips to the dealer consist of oil changes only. Audi
>> should take a page from Subaru. The Outback is solid, dependable and good
>> looking to boot. People come up to me in parking lots to ask about the
>> Outback.
> Well, we own two cars: a '00 Outback Limited, and a '95 A6QW.
> The A6 is "mine", the Outback is "my wifes".
> Although the Outback has come a long way in trim level, comfort,
> styling, and amenities, and I'm sure will FAR outpace my A6 in
> reliability, there is still no comparison. In fact, my wife commented
> about a month after buying the Outback (and trading in a '90 90Q20V)
> that her next car will likely be another Audi.
> The Audi drives/handles far better, and I find the controls much
> better layed out, with a better user interface. But mostly thanks
> to the handling issues, I would never own an Outback.
> Does it piss me off that Audi can't seem to build a $40,000 car
> with dashboard lights that don't burn out, trim that doesn't snap
> off, rearview mirrors that don't fall off, or the myriad other
> stupid problems that are reported on this list daily?
> Of course it does. And, in my opinion, *THAT* is what Audi needs
> to work on to keep other makers from eating their lunch.
> Time for my coffee, I feel much better now :-) Can you tell it
> was a frustrating weekend?
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