The Family Album (update)

Justin Wamboldt jwamboldt at
Mon Nov 6 12:13:35 EST 2000

I don't mean to sound like an idiot, but what is the Family Album? I'm just
curious before I download an almost 200MB file

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> Sales have been extended and are going on at neighboring 
> stores! Again,
> the headquarters can be found by pointing your shopping carts, err,
> browsers at:
> The best news is that other stores are opening up across the US. You
> should check out our sister stores if the original headquarters is far
> from you, or if the lines are too long. So far, in just 3 
> short days,we've
> given out over 25GB of Audi gifts! Impressive. Four new 
> stores are coming
> your way! But please keep in mind, not all stores carry the same
> merchandise.
> On another note, please read the instructions before opening and using
> your Audi gifts. We've included directions for all common 
> systems at the
> checkout, so check it out!
> Cheers, and happy shopping!
> Mark
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