dates in the junkyard

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Mon Nov 6 11:59:18 EST 2000

LOL, I have never had such luck.  Although I call it a date, my girlfriend
of 6.5 years calls it hellish torture.  Hey, I explain it to her like this;
helping me in the U-Pull-Yards is one of the MANY (some forms of payment she
really does not mind ;) ways she repays me for keeping her car in top shape!


Shayne P.

1972 MB 280 SEL
1984 4ksq
1987 4ks
1991 v8q5
1991 200q Sedan
1992 S4

Parting:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5

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>> I had an '87 VW Jetta, though,  with 287,000 on it, and my girlfriend and I
> would make dates out of going to the junk yard.
> Glad to hear I'm not the only one.  My wife and I spent about three hours
> Saturday
> at the local yard working on a 5ktq.  I pulled the tranny and got the flywheel
> while
> she happily removed the MC cam to be used in my project car.  I sure do love
> her!
> -Peter

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