Blau S-car headlight upgrade kit

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Tue Nov 7 00:29:34 EST 2000

Steve Marinello wrote:

> Anyone have any experience with Blau's S-car headlight upgrade?  At $249 for
> euro lenses and xenon bulbs, it sounds interesting.  Anyone have a
> comparison with the "real thing"?

The real thing like in real, stock Xenon lights for the UrS4/S6? Yup, I know of
one thing to mention. There is a junkyard/Flaps here where I am a very good
customer/lunch guest. They buy crashed cars from insurance companies, and they
import cars and parts from Belgium.

Anyway, they had another customer that bought a UrS4 with Xenon lights from
them. So eventually, one of the light bulbs burned out (Xenons do that too), and
this guy needed a new bulb. My friend at the store checked with his sources in
Belgium (they sell original parts, of course) and the answer was "Cant help

In the family album, the Xenon bulb is marked as "not a spare part" so when the
Xenon bulb in your UrS4 burns out, you got two options:

1) Buy a new Xenon headlight @ $800 each
2) Convert to Halogen headlights @ $250 each

Not much to wonder about, if you ask me.

92 Cab 2,3

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