S-car Rear view mirrors

Robert Myers rmyers at oak.total-web.net
Mon Nov 6 19:34:57 EST 2000

Hi Y'all,

My recent adventures in windshield mirror replacement on my '95 S6 has 
provided me with some rather non-obvious information which should perhaps 
be passed along.

Following the advice of several others (and my own past experience, I might 
add) I looked in vain for a setscrew holding the mirror assembly to the 
glue "button".  None exists on these mirrors.  Instead, the ball joint upon 
which the mirror swivels on its mount simply pops apart.  Believe me, this 
takes nerves of steel the first time you do it without knowing for sure 
that it is the proper thing to do.  Grasp the mounting bracket in one hand 
and the mirror head in the other and pull.  It will pop apart.

Now you proceed to glue the bracket which includes the steel glue "button" 
to the window as directed by the packaging of the glue kit.  Once the glue 
has set for several hours the mirror head then can be pressed back onto the 
ball of the bracket.  Place the mirror in the correct position and with 
thumbs on the mirror head and fingers on the bracket simply squeeze them 
together until the ball of the mounting bracket pops back in to the socket 
of the mirror head.  Be firm but gentle.

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