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> The model called the 500 SEL is the same car known as the Audi 100 in the rest of
> the world. This is the C4 model, also known as type 4A. The older 400 and 500
> models are the previouis generation 100/200, also known as the 5000 in the US.
> This model has the common type number 44.
> I dont know the model name on the 80/90 series in SA.


As Per indicates, the South African 400/500 was called the 100 in Europe
and the 5000 in the USA up to about 1988/1989. It was then called the
100 in both Europe and the States while remaining the 400/500 over in
South Africa. When the new shape came in it retained the 500 designation
in South Africa and the 100 designation elsewhere up to about 1995.
After this all the 100/500 cars were called the A6.

I'm going to try and expand a bit more for anyone interested in this. It
looks something like this...

The 500-range between 1984-1991 was available in the following models:

  400   - 1.8 litre 4-cylinder carb-fed unit I think
  500   - 2.2 litre 5-cylinder carb-fed unit I think
  500E  - 2.2 litre 5-cylinder fuel injected base model with "slanted"
  500SE - much higher spec'd version of the 500E with full Euro
  turbo - the 500SE with the turbocharged 2.2-litre 5-cylinder 10-valve
motor and
          only automatic transmission and front-wheel drive

This car was called the 100 in the UK and Europe and the 5000 in the
States. The turbocharged version, simply labeled "turbo" over here, was
known as the 200 (or 100 turbo) in the UK/Europe and the 5000cs in the
States. Around 1988/1989 the States adopted the European model
designations of 100 and 200.

Finding one of these in quattro form in South Africa is a mission for
anyone to try and accomplish.

The 500-range between 1992-1995 was available in the following models:

   500E   - base model with 2.3-litre 5-cylinder engine (AAR)
   500SE  - higher spec model of the 500E with same engine
   500SEL - top of the range model 2.8-litre V6 12-valve engine
   S4     - sport model with quattro 6-speed drivetrain and the
            20-valve turbocharged engine (AAN 169kW, 350Nm)

During this time the car was called the 100 overseas. The S4 was still
the S4.

The Audi 80/90 became the A4. The 80/90 was not sold in South Africa
between 1984 and 1992 (roughly), unless ofcourse by special import.
Although rare, the 80/90 does show up now and again over here. The Audi
80/90 last sold in abundance before 1984, when the first Audi 500
arrived to replace the older Audi 100/200.

When the 80/90 became the A4 and the international 100 and South African
500 became the A6 the S4 was renamed to S6 to indicate which car it
really is. The post-1995 A6 in South Africa was then provided with more
engine options including the 2.6-litre V6. I think the 2.3-litre
5-cylinder was then dropped, but not sure when this happened. Some
post-1995 A6 cars were also available with quattro drivetrain with the
V6 motors.

That should be reference for any more South Africans looking for answers
on model designation for the 500 to answer question...

What you are looking for in international terms for your Audi 500SEL is
the 1992-1995 Audi 100 2.8 V6 front-wheel driven automatic car. Type
designation is "4A". Body designation is "C4". Equivalent in many
respects to the post-1995 A6 2.8. Post 1995 units most likely just had


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