Keyless Locks/Alarm & Autocheck Beeper

Robert Dalton rpdalton at
Tue Nov 7 09:22:23 EST 2000

Hello Folks,

To add keyless entry to my 1990 Audi 100, I believe
I have to not only activate the vacuum system to
pull the drivers lock button up, but also satisfy
the alarm system with a ground pulse as the lock
button is being raised.  Does anyone have a circuit
with relays that will do this?  Will the less expensive
remote openers like J.C. Whitney work on an Audi?

My autocheck computer beeps saying that the oil
pressure is low when it obviously isn't. Unfortunately
the beeper is in the dash, and the air bag and
steering wheel have to be removed first.  Is there
any way to defeat this autocheck system without
loosing the speedometer?  Pulling fuse 26, kills
all dash idiot lights and the auto check, and the
power mirrors.  This would be OK, but fuse 26 also
kills the speedometer.  Thanks.



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