My plans for a better cornering '90 80q

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Wed Nov 8 09:35:42 EST 2000

  My past experiece has shown with Audi's that (USUALLY) the
H&R's tend to be a bit stiffer.  I know thats true on the 4kq's.
  I also know that H&R's work well on the Type 44 but you may
want to consider stiffer H&R V8 springs (I think thats what some
people do).   They wont lower as much but are stiffer.
  Also, its very easy to convert the rear of the car to
Coil-over.  Once you find the spring rates I'd do that and go
stiffer in back.  I know two cars runnign with this setup and it
works GREAT.  Balances the car better than Standard H&R's, and
reduces roll even more.
  One is a 92' S4 with 330lb H&R's in front and then some 360lb
Coil-over adjustable perch springs in back.  Works well.
  the other is a 91' 200 with V8 fronts but I dont know the
rates on that one.  Sorry.
  Coincidentally, I just ordered 325 fronts and 275 rears (coil
over) for my 4kq.   Cant wait.  I wanted the front to be similar
to the H&R's with stiffer rears.  Looks like I guesses close.

--- Bryan Rodgers <brodgers at> wrote:
> if you call H&Rs 1-800 number, the person on the other end of
> the phone can
> give you the spring rates... ...they did for me! ;)
> Audi 4000 H&R Spring Rates:
> Front: 280-330lbs
> Rear 220lbs
> (25-30% stiffer then stock)
> B
> 1986 4000s

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