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Wed Nov 8 12:54:09 EST 2000

Per Lindgren <lindgre at> writes:

> Btw, anyone know anything of the South America ETKA? I may have a 
> very very
> vague lead on a copy from Brazil, it would be very fun to have, as I 
> am a total
> aircooled nutter (that's why I drive a droptop, gotta cool the brain 
> :-)

I'm pretty sure they use the Euro Version of the ETKA with a Floppy
Update included.  So the "update" file is small enough to email if you
get a lead on one.  The regular Family  Album covers the Aircooled cars
pretty well,  and I use it regularly to check part numbers for collector
If you like rare AirCooled, I archived my pics of the VW 4 door Air
Cooled Sedan at:

VW did not want this car to succeed as it would take market share from
the very profitable beetle at the time, explains the 1600 engine, single
barrel carb and restricted intake amoung other things.  

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