Climate control display on an A6 and a story

BRIAN O'NEILL briano_72 at
Wed Nov 8 14:58:03 EST 2000

there are 4 bulbs in that panel.2 for the numbers and
2 for the might as well replace all 4
because every time you do anything other than look at
them or push the buttons, they will blow out.on my
car(93 90cs) all i did was took the wood grain panel
off to cover it with a carbon fiber looking viynl(
very cool looking by the way ) and it blew 2 of
them.anyway, all you do is find some sort of long
skinny plastic devise( or a flathead screwdriver if
your real careful) and pry behind the woodgrain panel
to remove it. there are one clip on each
careful the wood chips real easy!!! then remove the 2
allen head screws the hold the heater panel in,and
unplug the 4 should be able to see the
bulbs(that youll have to get from your local audi
dealer-should be in stock,make sure there the same
color-the color designates the brightness). some of
the newer control panels have the bulbs covered with
another panel, if this is the case youll have to
remove this also. now when you put it back together be
carefull when you snap the woodgrain back in, you may
blow out the seat heater lights(you gotta love

                                   brian o'
--- DOUBLDz at wrote:
> Hi there,
> I noticed, this morning, that the area that
> illuminates the temperature in 
> large numbers in the dashboard was dark. The numbers
> do change if I fuss with 
> the + or - but it is no longer red like the other
> section which shows how 
> hard the fan is blowing. The temp still changes with
> the numbers. So I'm 
> thinking its a bulb or a fuse (the extent of my
> automotive electrical 
> knowledge). Is this a big deal? Could I fix it
> myself? (yikes) TIA

> Dee
> 95A6q pearl

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