Add another 90tq to the list!

jim green jeg1976 at
Thu Nov 9 16:47:43 EST 2000

Well it's done.  The yellow car now has a turbo, only
running 5psi but at least it's in there.  Just to
update everyone I did the swap using the stock 90q
CIS-III fuel system.  The only issue I had was getting
the flywheel re-surfaced, which was painless as long
as you use a good shop that can get the guide pins
out.  Oh yea and I had to redo the wiring extension on
the throttle position switch once.  The car runs much
smoother than it did before, and it has more power,
even on the low end.  I am not going into too much
detail because just about everything involved
described here Javad posted his project
I would have never thought of doing this project until
I found out about this list, so thanks to everyone!  I
did do a few things different, like relocate the
auxiliary radiator, and I used the stock oil cooler. 
I will put pictures up on my web site hopefully soon. 
I would estimate this project took me 110 hrs to
complete.  That includes tearing apart the donor car,
refreshing the engine, and installing it.  Now I get
to fiddle with the extra injectors, adjustable waste
gate, exhaust, all the usual fun stuff.

Jim Green
'89 90tq 
'88 5kcs parting out

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