Cycling cold start injector

Ameer Antar ameer at
Thu Nov 9 19:51:28 EST 2000

you could rig it to work like that, but I don't think there is enough fuel 
flow in the cold start injector to make a difference at WOT to give you the 
max power mixture. I've heard other's consider this, but I never heard any 
success in this case. I think secondary injectors are an option. The top of 
the throttle body/manifold would be a good place to put em, but the hood 
wouldn't close.

If yer having problems w/ the system not giving you enough fuel, there 
should be a remedy. Diagnosing CIS is not impossible. If yer just looking 
for more boost, turbo CIS should allow 12-14psi of boost. Beyond that it 
might be better/safer to replace the ECU and CIS w/ an aftermarket ECU/EFI 
system. Problem w/ EFI though, is where to mount the injectors. I've seen 
pictures of some guy's I-5 w/ pulsed injectors and a fuel rail mounted 
between the manifold and head, but it sounds like a lot of custom work. 
just some thoughts...


At 07:18 PM 11/9/2000 , you wrote:
>Could  a secondary cold start injector be set up to run using the WOT
>switch?  Could it be triggered to open at a desired boost pressure?  Could
>it be controlled with a separate fuel pressure regulator T'ed off the fuel
>This is on a MAC 11 engine

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