4kq o2 sensor replacement -- quick question

David G daveglu at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 10 12:47:24 EST 2000

I have found it easiest to cut/unbolt the bolts at the downpipe as you
mention, this allows the cat to be lowered and access to the O^2 sensor is
  Dave G

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Subject: 4kq o2 sensor replacement -- quick question

> I have the sensor socket and will worm clamp the end to prevent spreading.
> Quick question(ok, four):
> --Doable without removing the cat?
> --Or should I save my self lots of anguish and drop the cat and replace
> sensor at the bench?
> --Are the bolts holding the cat to the downpipe bolts or downpipe studs?
> I just cut these and replace with new bolts?
> Thanks.
> Look forward to your replies.
> Jan Pinkowish
> '85 4kq
> Bristol, CT

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