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Robert Myers rmyers at oak.total-web.net
Sun Nov 12 09:51:40 EST 2000

Hi Y'all,

Now that the voting is done (not the counting, though :-) ) and I cannot be 
accused of list based electioneering I have a question to ask.  Before the 
election I heard several news reports of e-mails being sent with the 
following (roughly quoted) message:

	"Due to expected high voter turnout it is suggested that Republicans vote 
on Tuesday and that Democrats vote on Wednesday."

Did any list members receive such a message?  I, myself, did not.

Note to our non-US members: national election day in the US is always just 
one day - the first Tuesday of November.   If someone were to show up to 
vote on Wednesday he would be far too late and would not be permitted to 
vote at all.

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