4kq turbo conversion & upgrades

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 13 00:57:46 EST 2000

You speak the truth doug, But I would add to that,
  IF you get H&R's then Boge TG are BARELY capable of
controlling them.  In fact, I bet your car would handle better
and ride smoother with the slightly stiffer Bilstien HD's.  I've
driven a few under dampened cars lately and its not great.  The
Boge TG are great shocks for a stock car.  But with the stifer
H&R's.  WHat, 290-330lb progressive fronts!  The TG's cant
control them enough and you will have to much spring.   
  I think the Bilstein HD's will be better but the great match
for these would be the Bilstein Sports.  Or if you want to keep
ride height and a little softer, I'd go with HD's and stock
springs.  It will feel great but will still have quite a bit of
roll.  But will be a bit better dampened than with the TG's. 
THat said, the TG's can transform an old 4kq on a worn
suspension.  They are a great (and cheaper) alternative.
  That said, I will be running custom valved Bilsteins in my
4ktq.  But for now it will have HD's and 325/275 springs. 
Untill I have time to get them revalved.
  Have fun modding the car.

--- Doug Hill <badoug at hotmail.com> wrote:
> 	Well with the stiffer struts you might also want a stiffer
> spring. I am 
> using H&R springs and BOGE turbo gas struts that I bought
> through GPR. The 
> set up is a little bumpier than the stock set up due to the
> stiffer struts 
> and springs but the handling is phenomenal. Also with the
> springs it lowered 
> my 4kq about 1.5" and now it has a very mean stance.
> Doug Hill
> 87 4k cs quattro
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