Audi 90q fuel mileage

Dan Simoes dans at
Mon Nov 13 11:35:18 EST 2000

Anton Gaidos wrote:
>  All, for the past several weeks I've been really watching my mileage. I
> haven't driven like a granny but I have been more conscious of my driving.
>  Admittedly my 90q20v can use a tune-up so that is a factor. Anyway, the
> best I've been able to get is 22.5 miles per gallon. I'm hoping with a
> tune-up I can eclipse 24 mpg. Has anyone been able to average 25 mpg?

The 90q20v I just got averaged over 26mpg on the way home, according to
the trip computer.  I didn't do the manual calc yet.

> (shameless plug - Vote for my wife!

Doing my best.  Nice pictures - are those "euro" lights? :)

| Dan |

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