5K Funroof parts?

TM t44tq at bellatlantic.net
Mon Nov 13 19:21:06 EST 2000

It sounds like you broke one of your tilt brackets along with the
piece that runs in it.

I asked my local dealer about these parts and the numbers on the
old parts were no good. Ask the dealer for the tilt bracket and
the piece that runs in the bracket. They should be able to help
you out.

If my place wasn't in such disarray right now, I would dig out the
dealer receipt and give you the part number right now.

If you can't get the number readily within the next day or so, email
me directly and I'll dig up the part numbers.


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Well, I managed to get a nice, new fabric interior panel installed on the
Avant this weekend... unfortunately, I ended up doing (breaking) something
else I now have to replace (D'oh!)...

Looking for two parts (and numbers) if anyone has them.  The dealer here
says none of these numbers exist:

Car is an 86 5KS Avant

GDO 321 877 159 - Stamped w/ VW/Audi logo
This is a little piece that hooks into the rear section of part listed

GDO 443 877 154 - Stamped w/ VW/Audi logo
Metal rail that mounts to the actual sunroof, has grooves in it, so the
sunroof slides up/down when moving from/to closed/open position.  This piece
also has a Rockwell (aerospace co.) logo stamped next no. 677 653 608.

Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated!

Marty H

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