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Tue Nov 14 06:41:56 EST 2000

> My 200tq 89 has terrible noise from lifters (BTW, I use syntetic 5-50).
> I bought lifters and was going to do change them myself. Talking to my
> michanic (good mechanic but doesn't have experience with Audis) I
> mentioned my plans. He said that I might need to measure space for every
> valve and adjust each lifter with shims. I found a lot of mail in
> archive about lifters but I did not see somebody mentioned such
> adjustment. Is it really needed?

a) Find a mechanic who knows what he's talking about.  Audi 101 would
   tell him you have hydraulic lifters in a 1989 car.

b) Try filling the oil to two rows of dots below the 'Max' mark.

c) Is this noise at startup or continuous?  At startup it could
   be because the wrong filter has been fitted - see 1) above.

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