tranny RR time

Kevin Phillips kevphill at
Tue Nov 14 08:57:32 EST 2000

Was that a quattro 5000 autobox ??? No, it wasn't was it. So you have an
extra set of factors to take account of. I have no experience of gearbox/
clutch changes on Audi's so its not best for me to comment, what I do know
is both Huw and Nate have a large assortment of tools and MUCH experience
with wrenching on quattro's. I would work with these guys anytime.

Kevin Phillips, W.Mass
1990 200TQ 136,000 miles
1995 Saab 900 SET Ragtop 107,000 miles

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>> I would agree, that amount of time is reasonable, but a little on the
>> side.  Did you have any big problems?  My father and I did an autobox in
>> of my old 5k's, and it took a little less than 9 hours.

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