Solved: Trunk lock/release on 93 100CSQ?

hah at hah at
Tue Nov 14 13:39:00 EST 2000

>You need to lubricate the lever mechanism.  It corrodes up and "freezes", 
>as will the lock cylinder (behaves like you have the wrong key) if let go 
>too long without lube.

I had already lubed it, and that helped for a while, but it must have been 
too late for the ball-bearing (or the lube couldn't get in to it) because 
it jammed hard in the unlock-only-by-key mode. I could always open the 
trunk with key, but when the bb jammed, the central locking vacuum actuator 
could not move the lock to the "open" position - the problem was not 
with the levers on the back of the latch that move around and provide the 
central-locking-disconnect function, but with the ball-bearing integral to 
the latch underneath the levers.

Now it works fine with central locking and with key, but because the 
"memory" feature of the ball bearing has been removed, certain driving 
motions are sufficient to jiggle the latch away from the "open" position. 
For me this is a satisfactory compromise.


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