100 Rear wash/wipe

Michael Dewar - Sun Scotland Mike.Dewar at uk.sun.com
Thu Nov 16 11:53:28 EST 2000

It could be something in your 100 which is damaging relays. I had a
similar problem in my S2 coupe where the relay failed. I opened up the
relay and found a broken track. After soldering a repair it has worked
fine since.


>     Just wondered if anyone could cast some light on the following problem;
>     I have an '88 100 avant 2.0E. The rear wash and wipe don't work.
>     First I checked the wiper motor works. It does, both on the main supply
> and on the 'park' supply.
>     Then I checked the wiring through to the multiway connector near the
> n/side rear light cluster. All OK.
>     Then things got interesting. I decided to try substituting the relay
> from my 87 coupe's rear wash/wipe.
>     Still I had no luck. So as a double check on the relays I put the one
> from the 100 in the coupe. The wiper got half way through its cycle and then
> stopped. I substituted the original relay and it still doesn't work. The
> washer does still work.
>     I wondered if the relay from the 100 has gone wrong in some bizarre way
> that causes it to wreck something else in the
>     system, - it certainly seems to have stopped the coupe's wiper.
>     Any thoughts ? (By the way I have checked the fuses)
>     Cheers
>         rob Hod

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