Ari Palomäki ari.palomaki at
Thu Nov 16 18:53:59 EST 2000

    I assume you have 2 cats also down there. You could
    combine the two pipes after the cats with 3" pipe and
    use i.e. an Edelbrock stainless steel muffler installed in
    place of the original rear muffler(you would get rid of the
    middle muffler also...). Nice sound, enough rumble below
    3k and above that sweeter "roar". Naturally adds noise
    inside the cabin, but it's not unbearable(and I am an old 
    man...).  Performance-wise there are no ill effects, quite
    the opposite(less backpressure).

    Ari Palomaki
    '91 S2
From: "Jason Stone" <jason_r_stone at>

> Folks,
> I unfortunately need to replace the muffler on my S2.
> It's the 3B engine and it's the biggest rear muffler.
> Any idea if I can replace it with a pipe for more
> power and sound?  or will this be bad for performance?
> thanks
> jase
> '91 Audi S2
> '97 GSXR600

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