Amsoil Gear Oil? or Mobil 1?

Stephen Bigelow sbigelow at
Thu Nov 16 19:21:34 EST 2000

Great stuff.....I'm got the ATF and 80W-90 gear oil all ready for my trans
swap next weekend. I've used the 0W30 oil and (oversized) filter for the
last year.....very pleased.

I _was_ going to use the Mobil 1 ATF, until I read the package.....

"Full synthetic.....exclusive of carrier oil"


You get what you pay for.

> I am about to put a new transmission in my 4kq along with a new engine..
> i am very tempted to try the Amsoil route...
> can anyone give me any warnings or suggestions..
> i want this stuff to last a LONG time..
> HTH!
> rich
> '86 4kq

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