The "T" word, was: Fun in the rain

Steve Jensen sjensen at
Thu Nov 16 23:34:53 EST 2000

> >A few seconds later
> >the tors*n will start distributing power to the front causing them to
> >and straigtening out the car.
> I'm sure you're having a great time but.... A Torsen does not work this
> It is always active and doesn't require any time to "start distributing
> What you are discribing is probably caused by some other transient in the
> chassis.  On the other hand, if you owned a Subaru with a viscous


STOP NOW.  You are violating the T*rsen word cease-fire on the mother list,
the penalty of which is $100 per sentence containing the word T*rsen
(payable directly to Dan).  In some instances, this word induces fever,
sweaty palms, high blood pressure, spittle to fly and logic to become
clouded by personal opinion.  It has also been known in isolated cases to
cause personal attacks.  Consult the 57 gigabytes of reference material in
the archives for proof.

Utterances containing this particular word may be directed to the convenient
list of the same name.  The T*rsen list is geographically isolated and
heavily armored to prevent any shrapnel from injuring the main list.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

-Steve Jensen
(whose eyes no longer bug out any more at the mention of torque sensing
devices.  But they could...)
87 5kcstq
87 5kcstqw

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