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Well put Patrick. I concur. Learned soooo much in 15 years of Auto-X'ing.
Some of what I've learned has probably saved my life. 


On Thu, 16 Nov 2000 12:28:23 -0600 "Patrick Washburn"
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>Very simply:
>Understeer - A tendency for your car to "push" or "plow" when turning. 
>Imagine driving on ice, and when you turn the wheel the car wants to 
>continue going straight.  It isn't turning enough, or 
>Oversteer - The opposite tendency for the car to turn too much, 
>causing the rear end to feel like it will come around in a spin.  
>(Which it 
>will often do!)
>Nuetral - The moving target we all try to acheive.  Usually a nuetral 
>is reffered to as being one that you are able to readily control the 
>over/under steer.  Not that is always steers nuetrally.
>There are too many variables affecting these handling traits to go 
>but one important aspect is the front/rear weight transfer at any 
>time.  Cars do not *always* under or over steer...it depends on the 
>attitude of the car at the moment in terms of front and rear weight 
>transfer caused by either accelerating or decelerating.  A normally 
>understeering car can be induced to oversteer by braking heavily past 
>point where you started your turn (trailbraking).  The additional 
>weight on 
>the front tires will create better grip, making it turn better.  Get 
>though...immediatly following this will usually be an abrupt and 
>to control transition to heavy oversteer. WooHoo!  Can you say spin?  
>Another note: Tire pressures can have a surprisingly strong influence 
>your car's characteristics.  Check those tire pressures folks!
>The absolute best way to learn these things is to go autocrossing, 
>Pat Washburn
>95 Neon DS #26 - SCCA Solo2 "The Cow Car"
>> 	Would someone please explain understeer and oversteer to me. 
>I have 
>> idea but would like to know more.
>> Rotax
>Patrick Washburn
>C-Tech Trailor Cabinets
>Wausau, WI
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