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> I would have thought it reasonably obvious.  I've
> lost count of how
> many times I've pointed out Audi's instructions that
> the nominal
> values are to be achieved if at all possible, and

Obviously I agree with this point.

> also how many times
> I've said that this is critical to handling,
> especially of a Torsen
> car.  There are _NO_ acceptable tolerances on a
> quattro - Audi's
> manuals are quite clear on this point, and anyone

O.K., here's where it gets alittle fuzzy.  Bentley has

Total toe +5'  (+5' and -10')
Camber    -30' (+ or - 30')
Toe angle difference  -1* 40' (+ or - 30')

These are listed for the front wheels for the 89 200
in Section 44.6.  I'm not questioning what you are
saying, I just want to get my monies worth and get the
best job I can the first time.  

> who just accepts a
> 'green' value quite obviously hasn't read the book
> and thus should
> not be touching the car.

I thought that the green represented the specified
range and there was a pointer at the optimum.

> about ninety minutes
> to align a quattro properly, plus however long it
> takes to free up
> rusted or stuck adjustments.  There are _NO_ short
> cuts - the process
> is critical to proper handling.

Again, I absolutely agree.  I loosen all adjusters,
and run them through 2 or 3 thread rotations in each
direction, just to make sure they work.  When I go I
also bring the correct size combination wrenches, so
he won't have to use Vise-Grips or a pipe wrench on
the adjusters.

So I need to:

1. Loosen all adjusters.
2. Bring the correct wrenches.
3. Bring the correct specs.
4. Explain how I want the alignment done.
5. Stand there and make sure he does what I asked.

Jim Accordino


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