Date experience w/ your Audi?

Huw Powell audi at
Fri Nov 17 12:44:25 EST 2000

> How exactly was the reaction of your date towards your Audi?

Martin, if you're worried about the reaction to the car, you're in
trouble :-)

if they like you, you could turn up on a rented bicycle and still
generate lotsa smiles.


heated seats impress  
don't drive as if their head is an accelerometer (unless they indicate a
need for speed, of course)
flat tires or dead cars don't matter so long as you handle them smoothly
and without getting angry
leave the windows cracked to prevent them from fogging, unless you can
offer a "view of the stars"....

oh, and btw, dating is now totally passe (and useless). These days, do
like the hip young kids and just "hang out."

Huw Powell

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