Date experience w/ your Audi?

Peter Berrevoets pjberr at
Fri Nov 17 14:47:29 EST 2000

When I found her (the car) my wife told me in no uncertain terms "This is on
your shoulders - it's going to be your decision - I'd better not regret it"
ie. totally disassociating herself from any responsibility for the car (a
1990 is too old don't you know?)

However, she loves to drive it, loves to be seen in it, feels it's a great
'image' car for her business; real estate. Likes the understated but elegant
styling and loves the fit and finish.

But, she thinks I spend too much time and money on it, (her van - $500+ CDN
/ month leased) obsess over it, and care for it better than I do her!

Yet, she still wants to drive it whenever and wherever she can!

Go figure!!

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em! (both of them that is ;->)


1990 200TQ

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> >Hi everyone,
> >
> >First of all, I know this is not exactly a technical
> >question, but it's
> >Audi-related, so I'm hoping to get some opinions from you guys.
> >
> >Ok, I know most if not all of you have owned your Audi for a
> >long time. I
> >haven't, and I'm just wondering if you ever had a date and
> >you took your
> >Audi. So it's NOT a date with your Audi. Get it? :)
> >
> >How exactly was the reaction of your date towards your Audi?
> >I know, I
> >know, the car doesn't matter, but I just wanna know. Does
> >she/he think
> >it's cool? It's weird that you drive an old car? No reaction?
> >
> >I apologize if this is improper to post here. If it is, please let me
> >know. If not, please send some answers. Thanks!!
> >
> >Martin
> >
> >PS: My car is 89 Audi 100, not exactly in pristine
> >condition, but it's
> >clean, runs well, and no warning light is lit on the
> >dashboard (at least
> >for now).
> >

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