NA into Turby

Huw Powell audi at
Sun Nov 19 21:37:47 EST 2000

> > I'm wondering if the oil cooler assembly (cooler & lines) from a non-turbo
> > 5000 can be used in a turbo 5000 model?
> > They have different P/N's, but are only different in the first three digits
> > (034 vs. 054 for the turbo and N/A, respectively) and the last letter (F vs.
> > D for the turbo and N/A, respectively).
> > Junkyard near me has tons of NA, but no turbo, so I was wondering if it
> > would work.
> They are not the same.  AFAIK turbo type 44 cars use a finned air-to-oil
> cooler mounted under the bumper, near the alternator.  NA cars, if equipped
> with an oil cooler, are usually the water-to-oil variety that is a sandwidch
> mounted on the oil filter flange.

the '87 bits I have are air to oil, device attached to an oil filter
bracket with two oil lines.

Huw Powell

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