ETKA Screen Resolution Question

Martin Suryadarma msuryadarma at
Sun Nov 19 23:28:20 EST 2000

Hi Listers,

I just installed the ETKA aka Family Album. The problem is, the screen 
resolution is kinda weird and it doesn't follow my Windows standard. So I 
can't click on some buttons because they are out of my monitor's range. I'm 
running Win 98 SE on 1152 X 864 resolution. I tried reducing my res to 800 
X 600 but this doesn't help, it's even worse. It might work if I increase 
it to 1280 X 1024, but it would suck to change res just to run this 
program. Is there any way to set this in the program? I tried the help and 
it's in German.

Thanks a lot.


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