bad wheel bearing?

Jeremiah Curry curryjer at
Sun Nov 19 22:57:24 EST 2000

My rear bearings failed to the point were the wheel and tire came off at 70
mph.  I never heard a squeak, and I often turn off the radio to listen for
any strange sounds from my car.  Guess it just depends how lucky you are how
much of a warning you get.

Jeremiah Curry
'85 Coupe GT

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Most wheel bearings just howl for quite some time(and get worse). My last
one started serious grinding in a short time. In fact it started poping like
a bad CV joint as well. Much different than all the other bearings I have
Rex Pedersen
Ludington, MI
86 5ks wagon
87 5ksQ
90 V8q
Last year my URQ started making a nasty grinding noise about 3 miles from
home. I drove slowly home and found a bad driver side front wheel bearing.
The grinding was the first indication anything was amiss. It was bad enough
had to replace the hub. I'm very conscious of mechanical noises and
vibrations, so I was really surprised by the severity of the failure.

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