re. touch up paint - Pearlescent White and KV engine output

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at
Mon Nov 20 09:37:11 EST 2000


I spoke with a professional painter friend of mine.  He would usually be
able to mix up a batch, so I asked if he could.  He informed me that since
this paint was created more by the application technique of several
different layers, that it couldn't be easily duplicated in a touch up form.
this is also why it is so much more expensive to have this jobe done

Then he suggested - find some pearl acrylic enamel nail polish, as it will
functon fine as a touch up paint if you aren't overly concerned about a
perfect match.

So I did.  and it works, though the color is a little darker(more silvery).

Hope that helps.

'87 5kCSTQW - Pearl

From: "rob hod" <rob3 at>
To: <quattro at>
Subject: touch up paint - Pearlescent White and KV engine output
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 20:44:42 -0000

    Does anyone know where I can get touch up paint in pearlescent White?
the main dealer can supply me an aerosol but its around £16. I only need to
do a few stone chips!  Alternatively does anyone know of a different colour
that is a close match?

    My coupe has the 2226 KV engine and has always gone really well. In fact
it seems to be a match for cars with significanlty higher outputs, e.g. 2.6
A4's and suchlike. Obviously id doesnt have any signifcant emmision controls
on it but I can't help wondering were Audi a bit conservative with the
rating or merely more honest than other manufacturers?


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