UK A8's

cobram at cobram at
Mon Nov 20 14:08:02 EST 2000

Excellent point.  Comparison to the V8Q will show that (in US terms) it's
a "normal" depreciation for an Audi Flagship.  I bought my 1990 V8Q in
1995, at the time I overpaid a bit by paying $15K.  I bought my V8Q from
a dealer, so it was pretty much retail.  But it was one owner, low miles
etc.  Based on original price paid (around $56K according to paperwork
and Audi discount when new) it would be reasonable to conclude that the
A8Q is right in line with what one would expect.  

Cobram at Juno.Com

David Head <dave.head at> writes:
> Ahh, but you must remember, the reason our prices at this point are 
> much higher is
> that we never got a 95/96 A8. The first A8 in the US was a '97 model.

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