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Tue Nov 21 10:37:28 EST 2000

Hi all:

Just joined today in preparation for my first Audi purchase.  I have an S4
question.  Does anyone know what changes are in store for the 2002 S4?  I
test drove an S4 this past Saturday and WOW is all I can say.  I had been in
the market for a 95-96 993, but my wife and I found out that we have number
three on the way!  So, I need a car that will seat 5 in a pinch in case her
Spousemobile is in the shop.  So, bye bye 911, hello S4.  After driving one,
I don't think I'll be missing much, except sliding all over Hell's half-acre
in the snow or rain!  The S4 is an incredible car.

Anyway, in addition to the 2002 changes, does anyone know of someone who has
run a dyno on an S4 or A4 with Total Audi Performance chips?  I sent TAP an
e-mail for a dyno sheet or graph showing their increases in hp and torque.
I found it odd that they e-mailed me bacxk saying none was available.  I am
concerned with a chip upgrade giving me more performance but at the
sacrifice of low end response.  Has anyone installed these chips with dyno
results?  I'm looking at thier stage 2 setup that includes a Scorpion
exhaust and chip.  Anyone install a Scorpion exhaust?  I don't want my S4 to
sound like a rice burner.  I'm looking for someting louder than stock but
with an authorutative low tone, something a bit louder than my current 944.


Ron Brooks
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