Off to get married, be back in a few weeks

Muhammad Sohaib Bukhari xsohaib at
Tue Nov 21 13:17:58 EST 2000

Congrats! Javad.

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>From: JShadzi at
>To: quattro at
>Subject: Off to get married, be back in a few weeks
>Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 13:52:26 EST
>     Hey all, I have a big weekend coming up!  I am getting married of Sat.
>the 25th, and off to Jamaica for 8 nights (I emphasize the nights  ;)    I
>will turn off my subscripti*n on Thursday untill we get back, but mail can 
>sent to my regular email- I may check it here and there.
>     Being an Audifan in the midst of a wedding is not always easy.  I 
>off insistant efforts from my motherinlaw and others who wanted my bride 
>I to leave the wedding in a wallowing Limo or a fluffy horse and carriage.
>You will all be proud to know that we will be zooming off in my 80qt, 3"
>exhaust and all.  I hope to light up the tires around the corner as we are
>leaving, I know some at the wedding will really be able to appreciate it!  
>mark the special occasion, the 80qt will be wearing some new shoes...18x7
>wheels with 215/35 series Toyos!  Hopefully we will get some good pics with
>the car that I can share with you all when I get back.
>your fellow Audifan,
>Javad Shadzi
>80qt with 18's!!

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