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Wed Nov 22 10:07:40 EST 2000

At 15:31 00-11-21 -0500, Rokas Reipa wrote:

>I have a couple of questions concerning the chart:
>1) Were European 200's of 1986-1989 era equipped with the same MC engine as
>US-spec 5kt's/200's? How did the power output compare to the roughly
>158hp/166lb/ft of US spec cars?

As far as I know, the engines are identical. The US MC is listed at 162hp,
while the European one has 165hp. I believe the difference is because the
first value is given using the SAE net norm and the other one according to

>2) If the same engine was used on both sides of the Atlantic, why did they
>go from the MC to the KG in Europe? Apart from having an oil-cooled turbo,
>it seems like the KG is a superior engine, power-wise at least.

They did not. KG engine does not have any emissions control systems and is
designed to operate on 98 RON leaded fuel. Hence the higher output. Because
all cars sold in the USA are required to operate on 87 AKI (roughly 92 RON)
unleaded fuel, the compression ratio of the KG was lowered, emissions stuff
was added and that's how the KH engine found on 84-85 5KTs was born.
In the mid 80s, though, Germany and a number of other European countries
began to introduce stricter emissions norms, so the cats, o2 sensors and
similar stuff had to find it's way into European models as well. MC is the
effect of this. It's biggest innovation is the knock sensor - it allows the
engine to safely operate on 92 RON fuel, but the nominal output is achieved
using 95 RON fuel.

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 5KT

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