Michelin Man - please guys

Don Muirhead dmr at kwic.com
Wed Nov 22 12:08:33 EST 2000

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000 15:58:17+0000 quk at isham-research.freeserve.co.uk worte:

Please, please guys - can we trim a bit?

Dan has had to provide bandwidth to send 1800-odd copies of this crud out. 
That's over NINE MEGABYTES assuming
my 1800 figure to be correct

As from tomorrow, I'm going to start binning emails from persistent 
offenders unread.

I agree Phil.

But before you start "binning" perhaps the moderators/administrators (Dan, 
Brett, you, whomever) might consider developing an e-mail form letter, 
simple easy to read and understands to send out to habitual offenders. 
 I've noticed a lot of this is from new members and perhaps they don't 
realize or understand how this system works.

You might also include method(s) on how to access the Archives.  IMO the 
historical first-hand info gathered there is as good as or at least 
compliments Mr. Bentley yet most don't seem to know how to access it. 
 Perhaps a direct link in the header/footer to an appropriate archive 
search engine would do the trick.

Just my thoughts.


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