I broke the fuel line!!! Help!

Martin Suryadarma msuryadarma at wesleyan.edu
Thu Nov 23 12:33:53 EST 2000

Hi everyone.

I was changing my 89 Audi 100's fuel filter this morning with a friend. But 
I accidentally broke one of the fuel lines. It's the one on the right side 
of the filter if you're standing in front of the car facing the engine bay.

I also found out that it's metal. I'm thinking of getting a rubber hose or 
some sort and push it inside the broken pipe for emergency fix. Is that a 
good idea?

For replacing the fuel line itself, how hard is it? I looked in the family 
album and it doesn't seem that long, but I'm not sure. If I can replace it 
without going under the car, that would be even better.

The parts number is 443-201-529 R and 443-201-529 C. Not sure why there are 
two part numbers.

Any help is greatly appreciated as always. Thanks a lot! Happy Thanksgiving.


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