BC Listers

Livolsi, Stephane Stephane.Livolsi at investorsgroup.com
Thu Nov 23 14:09:31 EST 2000

Plus one in Victoria, don't forget.  AFAIK there are only 2 listers I know
of in Williams Lake, but quite a few Audis

my charcoal 86 5KTQ
a gold 88? or 89? 90Q
2 (yes, count em two) 86 5KTQ Avants (one has the rings on the side)
a very nice red 89? 5kq (with a terrible pitting problem on the leading edge
of the hood)
a horribly painted pale yellow 84 5k fwd (haven't seen it around in a while
a green early 90's quattro

That's 7 Audi's in a city of 12,000 pple.


> Actually there are 3 of us in Vancouver, myself and kris from VM Autohaus 
> and Efraim so that makes 5 in BC! Wow, I guess we're a rare breed here in 
> BC!

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