Brake fluid flushing at at
Thu Nov 23 23:08:26 EST 2000

> think about this for a minute...

Nope.  500ml of DOT4 is not worth a minute of my time.

> now maybe the ideal for truly flushing is to run over 2 liters of fluid
> into your drain pan or on the floor (or up Brendans sleeves), but there
> simply is not even one liter of capacity in the "containers" involved in
> this system, even allowing for the clutch system.  OK, maybe the clutch
> will make the process run just over 1 liter.

Don't care.  Audi says 500ml per slave cylinder.  Why they say it is
not my concern.  I've long since given up trying to second-guess Audi
engineers - I've queried apparently anomalous things so often and then
found underlying (and poorly explained) technical reasons that I no
longer waste the intellectual effort.

DOT4 is not that expensive that it's even worth discussing.  You spend
$60 a month on retroactive accident insurance and won't spend 60c a
month on pro-active insurance?

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