Was getting Married; Now a warm thankyou!

Jon Linkov njconn at email.msn.com
Thu Nov 23 20:01:30 EST 2000

Ummm, I did. :-)

I got an A8L from AoA's press fleet and used that at my wedding on November
11 (two weeks ago).

Trust me, there is PLENTY of room in the rear seats in an A8L for the
bride's dress! And my best man was WAAAAY psyched to be the chauffer!

njconn at mail.com
'96 A4q

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> > hitchedaudifans.com, let me know what you guys think  =)
> How many of us used an Audi as a wedding car?  It's got to be the ultimate
> sign of a deranged but totally committed enthusiast.  Imagine having a
> (bride's side) door handle break on the day!
> Paul

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