my dog ate my seatbelt!!!

Luke Rickert rickert at
Fri Nov 24 23:10:48 EST 2000

Hey folks, perhaps this tangent should angle back towards seat belts a
little, although any (off list) suggestions of how to deal with a dog
who does destructive chewing only when unsupervised would be
appreciated. This dog is young, less that a week out of the humane
society and accordingly doesn't like to be left alone.  I should have
known better to leave him with only one chew toy in my car, but that
does not require much more discussion. I have had dogs in the past who
would happily spend a couple hours sleeping in a car without damage to
either party, (they rather liked the soft seats) 
BTW The dog's name is Leo and there are a few picture of him at 

I wanted to put four point belts in the car anyway, so this is just a
good excuse, if anyone has experience installing them in a street driven
4kq, please let me know. 

thanks again. 


Luke Rickert

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