4kq parts needed

Jason Gray jason510 at worldnet.att.net
Sun Nov 26 12:19:16 EST 2000

<Anyone know the best place to buy rear tie rod end (1986 4000 S quattro 5
cyl), or is a tie rod from another car compatible (just the end-I have alot
VW tie rod ends!). My best price so far is $175 cdn. >

I recently did ther rear tie-rods on my 4KQ, best price I found was from
blau. You pretty much need to buy the entire tie-rod, the ends are not
ususaly availabe seperately. Changing the rear tie rod made an unbelievable
difference to the handeling of my car, highly recommended! Also check
condition of the control arm bushings while you are under there.

Jason K  Gray
Wasilla Alaska
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'71 2-door 510 w/ L20B, DCOEx2
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