urq wheel offsets

Steve Marinello smarinello at newpark.com
Sun Nov 26 19:35:08 EST 2000

I was pretty sure that I was wrong on that, but strange memories may arise
from short circuits in the grey matter.  There was some comment made re. the
215/50's, well over three years ago, I'd guess.  Maybe we were talking about
tire brands or speed ratings?

Anyway, were the 215's particularly stretched on the 8" wheels?  I was a
little surprised by the g-Force tire tech sheet showing the 7.5" max width
for the 215/50-16's.

And, phil, any idea on the digital dashes?  Does The Parts Department have a
different number or a url now to contact Tim/them?


> Subject: urq wheel offsets
>> Also, I seem to remember Phil saying that 215/50 -15's were never OEM on the
>> urq's, ...
> You remember wrong.  F600 has had 215/50VR15 P700Zs from new.
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