weird fog light problem

Dan Simoes dans at
Mon Nov 27 15:16:07 EST 2000

Here's an odd one.

On the 1990 90q 20v I just recently purchased (yes, I'm already working
on it!), the front fogs are missing.  I took out most of the dash
switches to replace bulbs, and in doing so noticed that there was a cut
wire behind the rear fog light switch.  I fixed this with a buttsplice
connector (which I rarely use) and it seems fine, has 12v on both sides
of the wire.

Ok.  Now, symptom.

With the front fog light switch on, there is 12v at the front fogs, as
there should be.  When I use the rear fog light switch, the rear fog
lights up, and the fronts are only getting about 6v, which begins to
drop if I leave the switch on.

There must be a current drain somewhere, but I can't guess where. 
Bentley shows that the rear fog switch energizes the same wires as the
front fog switch would, in getting juice to the lights.

Anyone BTDT?  Just wondering.


| Dan |

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