Frosted by defroster... at at
Mon Nov 27 23:55:14 EST 2000

>> And all hell broke loose inside the car.  It was as if someone had
>> set off a smoke grenade in the interior -- the windows became opaque
> almost

> If this were a type 44, it's exactly what happens when the flap spring
> (behind and above glovebox) is broken.  A leaky heater core or plugged
> evaporator drain might also cause this.  Either it has the same type of
> flap design as a type 44, or it's actually a feature to make sure you
> remove dangerous grime by forcing  you wipe  down the inside windows when
> it senses a potentially obscuring film.

In my experience, the Sudden Type 44 Fogging (Rapid Deployment Variant)
is always a blocked drain.

My own event wiped out all exterior vision in around 50 yards of exit
slip road, leaving me blind in two lanes of fast traffic coming off the
M40 onto the A43.

I've since dealt with three or so others.

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