Brake fluid flushing

JanDebL at JanDebL at
Mon Nov 27 19:59:55 EST 2000

My primary concern when changing brake fluid has always been to flush out all 
of the old contaminated fluid with no thought for how much fluid is used.  
Many of the vehicles I see are long overdue for a fluid change and it is very 
easy to distinguish between the old chocolate colored fluid and the new 
transparent fluid.  Although I have a pressure bleeder, I normally use a 
helper, have them pump up the pedal and hold it while crack the bleeder.  
Once I see clean fluid, we always repeat the bleeding process at least 4 more 
times on each wheel cylinder just to be sure.  
Even when using this conservative process, I can't ever remember using a full 
liter of fluid on an Audi, VW or stock Porsche.  I just did a 96 Jetta this 
weekend (no hydraulic clutch) and used about 5/8 of a quart.  Before I start 
the process, I remove all the old fluid out of the reservoir and start with a 
fresh fill leaving only the fluid in the lines left to be bled.  This speeds 
up the process but should not change the overall volume of replacement fluid. 
 What am I doing different?  
All bled out, Jan Lahtonen

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